Investment Objective and Policies

The investment objective of the D-A-CH Portfolio (Ireland) p.l.c. (before 20. October 2017: World Equity Fund Portfolio (Ireland) plc) is to increase the value of the Investment over the long term.

The D-A-CH Portfolio (Ireland) p.l.c. will mainly invest in equity markets predominantly in European equity markets with a focus on the DACH region (meaning Germany, Austria and Switzerland). At least 51% of ist Net Asset value will be invested in equity securities which constitute "equity participation" within the meaning of section 2, Article 8 of the German Investment Tax Act.

The D-A-CH Portfolio (Ireland) p.l.c. selects the assets class in which to invest on the basis of what the Investment Manager considers to represent good value and growth opportunities. No more than 20% of the D-A-CH Portfolio (Ireland) p.l.c. Net Asset Value will be invested in emerging markets.

In addition, as an ancillary policy, the D-A-CH Portfolio (Ireland) p.l.c. will gain exposure to global bond markets by investing up to 20% of Net Asset Value in government and corporate bonds (with a credit rating of at least B- by Standard & Poor's and IBCA or B3 by Moody's), bond futures and subscription rights.

As a further ancillary policy the D-A-CH Portfolio (Ireland) p.l.c. may invest up to 10% of Net Asset Value in transferable securities listed on a Regulated Market in the European Union, which give indirect exposure to commodities, known as exchange traded certificates.

The D-A-CH Portfolio (Ireland) p.l.c. may not invest more than 10% of Net Asset Value in other regulated open-ended investment funds (also known as collective investment schemes).

The D-A-CH Portfolio (Ireland) p.l.c. will gain exposure to currencies by investing in equity securities not denominated in Base Currency.

Up to 49% of the D-A-CH Portfolio (Ireland) p.l.c. Net Asset Value may ordinarily be held in cash or investment grade short-term money market instruments with a maturity of less than one year.

The D-A-CH Portfolio (Ireland) p.l.c. will also gain exposure to equity, bond and currency markets by investing in derivative instruments such as bond futures, currency futures, interest rate futures and equity index futures contracts.

Basic information

Issue dateD-A-CH Portfolio (Ireland) p.l.c. was launched in February 2000 as a designated investment company. D-A-CH Portfolio (Ireland) p.l.c. was reauthorized by the Central Bank of Ireland as a UCITS in July 2014.
Prelimary ChargeUp to 5%
Management-FeeThe total combined fee payable to the Investment Manager and/or the Investment Advisor and any amount to discharge promotional, marketing or distribution fees, costs and expenses shall not exceed 1.5% per annum of the Net Asset Value of D-A-CH Portfolio (Ireland) p.l.c.
Investment ManagerLBBW Asset Management Investmentgesellschaft GmbH
Investment AdvisorTresides Asset Management GmbH
AdministratorState Street Fund Services (Ireland) Limited
CustodianState Street Custodial Services (Ireland) Limited